At Peasholme Charity we are immensely proud of our strong reputation in York.  We work with people that are street homeless or at immediate risk of homelessness. 

We have great working relationships with partners and other homeless organisations locally – we all have our niche and we’re all very much needed – especially right now.

Sarah, Community Advice Worker, would typically see people at York Foodbank but is currently operating a crisis helpline. 

Sarah supports people accessing foodbanks – helping them to establish the root cause of a crisis and looking for ways to find a resolution. Sarah will often refer back to the team for further support or to other groups from York’s voluntary sector.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic – Ray, Homeless Hub Coordinator, has been redeployed and is now helping people with complex housing issues. This includes supporting rough sleepers in hotels with pizza deliveries, food parcels and toiletries. 

Alison, Financial Capability Coach, helps people resolve financial crisis. She works with people to access the correct benefit entitlement and shows them how to set a realistic budget.  In 2019, Alison helped access over £50,000 in income – much of this was welfare benefits that people were legally entitled to, which would have been life changing to many.

The work of small charities like Peasholme Charity has #NeverBeenMoreNeeded. 

If you can support us, we need your help to continue our work supporting homeless people in York.