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Ray - Charity Manager

Ray has worked for the charity since 2019 in various roles becoming charity manager in 2023. Ray has worked vulnerable people in many settings including carecent where he helped clients that needed housing advice and benefit advice. Ray is passionate about tackling social exclusion and creating a fair society that works for everyone.

Niamh - Financial Capability Coach

Niamh is passionate about helping people to navigate the benefits system ensuring they are in receipt of the right benefits that they are entitled to receive. Niamh enjoys supporting people to give them the confidence to support themselves financially in a more secure and stable position.

Sarah - Community Advice Service

Sarah joined the team in May 2019 as Community Advice Worker, having spent most of her working life as a Solicitor. Sarah has volunteered with many charities including MIND and NSPCC so is experienced in advocating for vulnerable, disadvantaged and socially excluded people. Sarah enjoys being able to support others to solve the problems in their life, at a time when their circumstances have overwhelmed them. Sarah is most happy when a person no longer needs her because it means they’ve found an answer to their problem and/or the confidence to 'go it alone'.

Ian - Financial / Budgeting Advise & Support Worker

Ian provides support around benefits, targeted financial advice and coaching to York residents who are in/have recently stayed in Foss Park. Ian has a specific focus on supporting people who are recovering from mental ill-health to address debt, housing issues and to ensure they are in receipt of their entitled benefits.

Nathalie - Office Administrator

Nathalie has worked for the charity since 2018 as Office Administrator. Nathalie is responsible for all of the office admin, payroll and accounts and as a trained councillor she also supports the teams’ mental wellbeing. Nathalie enjoys the variety of the role and supporting staff to do their jobs safely and efficiently. She also enjoys helping people on the phone, signposting to other support services, charities and partners.

Silvia - Funding Officer

I have been involved with the charity sector for just under 20 years. My journey took me from volunteer to development and research coordinator, through operations coordinator. Since November 2023, I am the in-house funding officer. When at work, I research funding opportunities and write application forms to Trusts and Foundations. I work closely with the finance officer to make sure I am not too creative with my costings! I do not have direct interaction with clients usually, but I like to shadow my colleagues when ‘in action’, which gives me a real experience of why we are doing our job and the impact we have. I also like to think outside the box, so, if you can, give us a penny for your thoughts!

Housing Advocate

The housing advocate will support vulnerable people on a 1-2-1 basis to help them off the streets and into secure housing. This project is at the development stage.

Our Board of Trustees


I have been volunteering since 2011 and have enjoyed being involved with City of York Council in things such as Appropriate Adult and Mentoring as well as working for North Yorkshire Police. This time I wanted to do something completely different by utilising my skill set more, which is why I became a Trustee/Treasurer for Peasholme. My background in people management, finance and process has enabled me to work alongside a fantastic, committed team who work tirelessly on the ground delivering support and various services, as well as working with experienced Trustees who are as passionate as the team. The charity is in line with my own values which was important to me, and this is why I love being part of their team. Hobbies: Enjoy cooking and hosting dinner parties, big fan of reading, especially biographies. Love going to the gym doing classes such as Pilates, Yoga and HIT, also enjoys travel.


Richard Parker is a trustee of Peasholme Charity. Richard has a degree in Electrical Engineering and had a long career with British Rail before retiring. Richard has always enjoyed the finance side of work and is involved with many local church groups in various volunteer roles. He enjoys volunteering for a homeless charity as it has helped to broaden his understanding of society and the diverse needs of people.


Jonathan Morley is a trustee of Peasholme Charity. Jonathan enjoyed a professional career in law and politics but is now retired. His career ambition was to work with marginalised groups and although he didn’t sustain this, he continued to act as a trustee for charities supporting social and financial exclusion. Jonathan has held many volunteer roles including Executive Member for Adult Social Services with City of York Council, ex officio of the Peasholme Charity Advisory Group, member of the sub-committee and onto the role of trustee which he has held since 2011.


Richard Dixon is the current Chair and has been a Charity Trustee since 2019. Richard used to work for Peasholme Charity as a Support Worker and has had many other professional and volunteer roles relating to homelessness in York. Richard has studied and taught at the Universities of York and Teesside on issues relating to homelessness. He is commitment to making a positive difference to the life’s of people experiencing homelessness.


Michael Pavlovic is a trustee of Peasholme Charity.

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